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Sample Panels

Layered Colors

  • 1st & 2nd Coat - 4 oz Minoan Red
  • 3rd Coat - 1 oz Forest Fern

Antiqued Stencil Look

  • 1st & 2nd coat - 4 oz Yellowstone
  • 3rd coat - 4 oz Florentine Clay
  • Stencil - 4 oz Mocha

Crisp Stencil

  • Apply 3 coats of 4 oz Butterscotch
  • Allow SkimStone to dry
  • Lay out stencil pattern
  • Use one or more colors to fill in stencil
  • Peel up stencil when dry

Gold Leaf

  • 1st Coat - 4 oz Peacock Green
  • 2nd Coat - 4oz Peacock Green
  • Mylar Stencil was laid out and taped into place
  • A round soft bristle paint brush was used to pounce in each individual color into the appropriate area taking care not to move stencil while pouncing
  • A sponge was used to clean up any excess product left behind when pouncing color

Green & Blue

  • 1st Coat 8 oz Arctic White
  • 2nd Coat 8 oz Arctic White
  • Measure and tape straight edge
  • 3rd coat of 4 oz Peacock Green applied to left side of panel
  • Reverse tape along straight line
  • Apply 3rd coat of Sapphire Blue to right side of panel

Black & White Check

  • Diamonds were measured and taped off
  • 3 Coats of 8 oz Classic Black Applied to taped off Diamonds
  • Reverse Tape
  • 4 Coats of 8 oz Arctic White were applied using a plastic trowel for minimal burnishing and marbling

Twilight Cirrus

  • 1st coat - 8oz Eggplant
  • 2nd coat - 8oz Eggplant
  • 3rd coat - 8oz Minoan Red
  • 4 coats SkimStone Protective Sealer

Compass Rose

  • 1st Coat - 4 oz Chocolate
  • 2nd Coat - 4 oz Chocolate
  • Measure and draw Compass Rose
  • Each color was taped off and filled in with the appropriate color using a putty knife for more movement